The great public acclaim that has accompanied their performances, shows the true essence of this fully autonomous Aragonese group focussed on the exploration of possibilities offered by twentieth and twenty first century, avant electronics, experimental music, free improvisation and contemporary productions of sounds with piano, sinthesizers, samplers and percussion instruments.

An intelligent, exploratory, organic and natural presentation which can be enjoyed one hundred percent. This has allowed Nuevo Contempraneo to performe with Mika Takehara percussion soloist (Japan-Stockholm), Rauelsson word music pianist (Portland-EEUU),  Casey Reas, videoartist  (EEUU), Diego Espinosa, percussionist (Mexico-Holland); Myriam Agar, choreography (France); Will Offermans, flutes (Holland); Roman Wojtowicz, violin (Poland);Marianne Lecler, Harp (France) and in Spain with  the pianist Alberto Rosado; Angel Luís Quintana and David Apellaniz, cellos and  Angel Luis Castaño, accordion among others.

His music history can be followed through a rare and stimulating discography. Nuevo Contemporaneo made and produced recordings with RDC-No-ten, Cd  Punto y aparte NT-98001 with works by Steve Reich, Edgar Varèse, Fernando Palacios, Bèla Bartok etc and  Periferias Sonoras NC-limited a CD of  Iberoamerican electroacustic music with percussion.

Nuevo Contemporaneo has performed at Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Vitoria, Salamanca, Castellón, Valdepeñas, Rodalquilar-Almería, A Coruña, León, Graus-Huesca, Pontevedra, Albarracín-Teruel, Lisboa-Portugal, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Porto Alegre-Brasil etc, FIP Madrid, FIP Zaragoza, FIP Valencia, FIP Galicia international percussion festivals, Ribagorza festival 2010, XIV Clásicos en la frontera, Graus-Huesca , summer festival Classics in the park Rodalquilar-Nijar -Gold mine space of the Cabo de Gata-Almería Natural Park, 5th International Arts Festival of Salamanca, Sonoimágenes 2007 Buenos Aires festival,  CLIO festival-Porto Alegre (Brazil),  Lux06 International Visual from  Sevilla,  and   Territorio Visual06 Vitoria-Gasteiz.-Spain Festival, FIP 2012  etc.

If you haven´t seen them live , you should! Their shows are sheer magic.