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2010, July 26th

La voz de Almería by Guillermo Fuertes

...a show which has been planned down to the last millimetre to offer   a wordless speech through the accumulation of sensations...

...The wind prevented last year, but in this seventh edition, the show "Time and Place" by New Contemporary training, opened a magical space. The second was a charm and really, it was worth giving it a new opportunity to open and retrieve project for art one of the most original and full of legends of the province: the ancient gold mines Rodalquilar, imposing and magical aroma of ruins near and far past time.

The Classics in the Park Festival, organized by the City of Nijar, the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía and the association "Classics in the Park, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture, the Caja Mar and Novotécnica , already tried last year to perform a concert in this space, but the wind that hit that night Rodalquilar prevented. But just as they have done with the church in this town, making it with determination and effort in a luxurious setting, and must in each edition of the festival, organizers have stressed this year, the seventh edition. So finally, on Friday night, near the edge of the eleven at night, the stage lights placed next to mine came on, and inaugurated a new space for the culture of the province.

Time and space

This time the night accompanied. Superb, slightly warm, clean. The show was chosen for the opening "Time and Place" a proposal by the latest art by contemporary New Aragon training, Chelis Dj, Vj Yago de Mateo, drummers Lurene Eloy, Jaime Fernandez and Cesar Peris, cellist Luis Angel Quintana and pianist, singer and performer Mariana Palacios.

In an approach that runs through the channels of discourse of contemporary art, concerned not only for aesthetics, but also for reflection and asking questions about our world and our own existence "Time and Place" at all times maintained a dialogue with spectators, seeking more than passive enjoyment, intellectual involvement. Three screens, music that sometimes looks for industrial noise atony and subversion of the images shown, questions in the air, at the foot of the ruins of the industrial mass of gold mines. Show millimeter calculated to raise his speech without words, through the accumulation of sensations.

2010, July 26th Diario de Almeria

Original new in:

...pure suggestion,  the pure joy of mixing the unmixable...

...a moving, sincere cello performance...

The Contemporary World Aragon and his cronies thought-provoking. Language NÍJAR .- 4 dimensions "Reality is what it is, or influence the circumstances under which each is perceived? Does the line work is slavery or extreme plasticity breath taking distance with piped music and watch? Are we living fast as ants, or are part of a score that looks at us, away and dazzled? Who is the executor, who observed?

These and many other feelings, depends on the lens through which you look, were the invitation of the Aragonese New Contemporáreno and their colorful friends, last night, amid the ruins of the industrial mole Rodalquilar Mine are today archeology.

A cello startlingly candid about the ruins nijareñas, mixed with the evolution of a female face through art history, a steamy pianist that comes and goes by the huge stage that expands beyond the limits of the stage. Suggestion pure, pure like to mix the irreconcilable.

For the initiated may not have been a succession of developments, but few onlookers was a unique opportunity to fantasize about the rocks and aromas from the heart of Natural Park.

2010, July 6th  Diario del Alto Aragón by Elena Fortuño

...rhythmic cycles which produce a second layer of perception in the audience producing collective memories...

The audience, which last year amounted to 7,000 spectators in the twenty concerts, said Celaya, said even though the concert coincided with an important appointment of the Spanish mundial. A response that, in his view, reflects the quality of programming and the amount, a total of twenty concerts, through collaboration with Torreciudad organ cycle.                 

New Contemporary action meant innovation compared to previous years, but followed the path opened by the concert of Classical Percussion at the School of CSMA threshold of the cycle and held in June. Not surprisingly, Cesar Peris, manages both courses and in the two groups, with the projections of VJ Yago de Mateo. New Contemporary, also include DJ Chelis, Mariana Palacios on piano and vocals and percussion Jaime Fernández, Eloy Lurueña and Peris own. The opening concert at the Border Classics, entitled Time and place was a mirror with different images being addressed through plot convolutions and rhythmic cycles, where the presence of radio sounds and movies, mostly dialogue, cause a second layer perception to the public, unleashing collective memorie

The inaugural concert of the Festival of Ribagorza also included the presence of the first cellist of the National Orchestra of Spain, Angel Luis Quintana, who welcomed the festival's director, José Antonio González Serena. Like Miranda, the director of Classics bet on innovation as a fundamental element of the cycle. "Classical music, as he said it was not when it was created, was innovative, so we can not replace only works from the past but also present that may become classics."

2009, November 28th

Heraldo de Aragón, by Luís Alfonso Bes


Auditorio Eduardo del Pueyo, YOESTUVE audiconciertos. DJ Chelis, VJ Yago de Mateo, CSMA percussion group + tendencies conducted by César Peris.


The Eduardo del Pueyo Auditorium was full to the rafters last night, mostly with youngsters, showing once again that some types of music are still capable of filling concert halls. Right from the start, when electronics emerged from the total darkness, with images conceived, controlled and projected on to a large screen  by video jockey Yago de Mateo the show was electric.The deafening drum beats of the Taiko, the enormous red Japanese drum, dimly lit, formed the background for the twenty four musicians to enter onto XXX stage strewn with an intricate web of large percussion instruments.

Cesar Peris, the conductor, was presenting a scenic concept close to that which the London Sinfonietta brought to Zaragoza in 2005. This show, by the students of the Percussion Group of CSMA/Tendencias, made up of higher level students of the Conservatory, gave a truly professional display. The interpretation of Lou Harisson’s  “The drum of Orpheus” ewas surprising for the degree of connexion attained between the gongs, bells and metal irons with the projected images. Some of the real time images projected during the work “Proteus” by Jesús Torres could have been better illuminated and defined -which would have contributed to the splendour of the soloist, highlighting him from  the four metal and  four wood instruments, along with six percussion skin instruments and corporal percussion.

In Varèse’s “Ionization” the took advantage of the greats instrumental variety of this XX century classic. They were excellent in  Steve Reich’s "music for malletes, voices and organ", where voices, marimbas and glockenspiels rang out with great quality of timbre. They premiered “7.S.D. seven stimulated dimensions” by  Alberto Etxeberría in wich synthetic sound was harmonised with sound mixed at the desk by DJ Chelis and the percussionists in a convincing performance which was roundly applauded.

A spectacular encore and an overwhelming fortissimo.

CSMA Auditorium Eduardo del Pueyo, Zaragoza-Spain  

November 26th, 2010

Percusiones del CSMA / tendencies

dj Chelis + vj Yago de Mateo

conducted by César Peris

percusiones del csma;

Germán Agulló, Diego Aldonza, Luís Manuel Cuartero, Ignasi Doménech, Rubén García, Eduardo Hinojosa, Actea Jiménez, Hector Marqués,  Elena Martínez, Alfonso  Salar, Daniel Salanova, Sergio Sempere.

work tendencies;

voices; Sara Almazán, María Sala, Pno and voice; Mariana Palacios ,Pno; Mónica Presno Ruiz, Cln; Javier Zamora Flut; Juan Val Baños, Trompet 1; Alberto Salesa Trompet 2; Raúl Ramos Fernandez, Tenor Trombon tenor; César Roig bass Trombon ; Adrián Cleries, Horn 1; Francisco Gómez, Horn 2; Beatriz Martínez Horn 3; Miguel Ángel Molina, Thereminn: Alberto Etxeberría, camara operator; Victor Fornies; video creation Reich y Álvarez; Juan Luís Campoy.

2008 June. Plural Ensemble, by Fabian Panisello

Periferías sonoras. 2008 CD album

" a fresh music , full of sound initiatives. It is perceived crossing music from multiple sources: minimal elements of music, electronic music or fusion materials and structures, well chosen contemporary music more militant. It is a CD that invites a playful and enjoyable listening, where a lot to learn .. .”